Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exterior Outdoor Business Signage Kelowna - Storefront Signage

Make a statement with exterior signage in Kelowna . Its an identifier . . . an image maker . . . a deal maker or deal breaker Don’t underestimate the power of your storefront signage.

Backlit, non-lit, on a building or on a signpost, made of metal, plastic, wood or vinyl, Speedpro can build you a new sign or re-face an existing case.

Window Graphics

Window graphics in Kelowna can mean the difference between a customer walking in or walking by. Catch their attention with vinyl lettering & graphics or display full colour photos with printed vinyl graphics.

Sandwich Boards & A-Frames - Grab customers right off the street!

Get to really take advantage of high traffic properties. A-frame signs, sidewalk signs, sandwich board signs and wearable sandwich boards can get 1,000’s of exposures daily!

Speedpro Imaging Kelowna specializes in all kinds of sign age such as: Dimensional lettering, 3D – plastic, foam core, LED, metal, Storefront, Sign cans, Backlit signs, Aboards, sandwich boards, A Frames, sidewalk signs, Awnings, Sign faces, Banners, Banner poles, Banner arms, Lawn signage, stakes, bag, coroplastic, yard signs, Aluminum, Wood, Crezone, Sintra, pvc, Hoarding, site signage, Windows, Safety, directional, parking, and Flags.
Speedpro Imaging
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